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Who is Beard King?

Beard King is a cosmetic brand established in 2014 notoriously known for their flagship product, Beard Bib, that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. They have many products for men as well as women including beard oil, beard brushes, combs, washes and more!

We connected with the owners of Beard King in 2016 to help with producing content for their brand that quickly matured into managing their social platform. At the time, their brand was known prior to their exposure on Shark Tank for their comedy skits and novelty commercials around the Beard Bib.

Strategy and Solution

Our strategy of accomplishing our objective was firstly to make sure that we had the appropriate props as backdrops for our indoor photography, such as wooden panels and black and white backdrops. Since most of their ingredients consisted of natural ingredients we wanted to have natural elements in the images and involve hands to show the size of the products. Lastly with Beard King being a cosmetic brand, primarily used around the bathroom, we wanted to make sure that we showed the brand with the “post shower” look.

Utilizing each of the products natural elements, color schemes, and visually displaying its size and purposes we were able to intertwine these pieces of content within their social strategy of using viral memes for exposure. The goal was to give new and current consumers the option to be part of a fantastic brand as well as having a solution to their cosmetic needs.

Beard King’s Thoughts

“The Personal communication H2 Digital offers by reaching out to their customers and staying engaged helps me make the on-boarding process easy. Their keen eye for design and photography builds trust in their content choices.” -Nick, co-founder of Beard King (As seen on Shark Tank)


Beard King was a great experience, we had the ability to display our skillset not only creating content but connecting their products to their consumers through social platforms. If you are looking for a company to take care of your photography needs, having the ability to connect your branding into real life, look no further. We have a “keen eye” for taking in the vision you are trying to display and putting it into a reality. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for your company, we would love to hear from you.


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