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Are you looking for models to use for your brand? As a digital marketer finding the right model for a client can be super frustrating and liberating at the same time. As a company having the perfect model to represent your brand can make all the difference in establishing a genuine connection through visual components for the consumer. In this article we will cover how to utilize a model to communicate your brand as well as some tips on what to look for as a photographer when serving your next client.

Prepare the Model Before Shooting

Nothing is worse than not being prepared for anything in life let alone a photo shoot. Make sure before you go into a photography shoot with a model you are putting some thought together. Consider the location, time of day to shoot, and what you want the model to wear during the shoot. Lay out and answer the questions:


Who? Decide with the client the type of model you want to use for your photo shoot. What type of model would best describe your client’s product. Who is going to be using the product? Are they going to be male or female? Do you want a certain ethnicity? How old are they going to be for the photo shoot? All of these questions can make or break a good photography session with your client and if you want to really impress your client, present options of models beforehand so you look like you are prepared.


What? Picking a model is important but picking the perfect wardrobe is just as important. Before meeting with the model at the selected location decide on what the model should be wearing. What are the colors of the product the model will be shooting with? What style of clothing should the model be wearing? Should the model wear any makeup? All of these minor details make a photo shoot go from average to great right away.


Where? After picking a model and their wardrobe consider the location you are shooting. It doesn’t make sense to have a sports brand with a model in athletic attire and then shoot your content at a farm, unless that’s what the brand’s message is. Consider where the product is most likely going to be used to help determine your location and then take a look at the color scheme of that location. What would my model look like in this setting versus another? How will the product look with this background color? Is the product being used in an outdoor setting or indoor setting? Will consumers relate to the setting? All questions to consider as you make a decision. And if you are having a hard time with this then think about places with neutral colors like whites, blacks, grays… Even if it’s an indoor studio, you can photoshop later.

Have Your Model Use the Product

Why hire a model to shoot if you don’t have them use the product? It’s nice to have a pretty face or a good canvas for your product but if you are using a consumer good product or a product that is created to be used, have the model do so! Don’t be shy in the various ways a product can be used either. Sometimes we see content being created with the same angle and the same shot… Have some variety!

Use Your Model to Show Size and Dimension

It’s hard to tell how big a product is when shopping online. What a better way to show dimension than to use your model to show how big the product is! You can do this by laying the product next to shoes, having the model hold the product in hand or simply shooting the full canvas of the model with the product next to him or her to show exactly what the consumer can expect. 

Another way to show size is by shooting your subject matter at different heights. You can place a product on a table or ledge, shoot a model from an overhanging view or even on the ground. These are all great ways to have various angles of the product by switching up the horizon of the photo.

Have Your Model Become an Actor

If the product makes you happier, make the model smile. If the product makes you sad, have the model be sad. The attitude of the model and behavior of the moment can either make a photo really attractive or disconnected from the overall mood. Along with the colors, model and product, mood can either put the consumer in question or create an emotional response to move forward with a purchase. It’s super important.

Edit Your Photos With Consistency

One of the worst things you can do as a photographer or a marketer is be inconsistent. If you are consistently bad at shooting photography or consistently missing the mark with your touch at least you are consistent at something! All jokes aside, it looks really bad as a professional when you present your work to a client and when they scroll through the presentation having each photo being different, it’s not good. A simple solution to your photography editing is to save your edit settings, also known as a preset.

Before you export your content please double-check the color of your model’s skin. It’s embarrassing for the model to have an unnatural look as well as presenting something with unrelatability to the consumer. Think about it, if you are making your model look uglier with editing too much how do you think everything else is going to look? Then you’ll start second guessing yourself and doing too much editing. Keep it clean, simple, and consistent. The biggest thing to consider when editing outside of overall tones with the model is to make sure and remove any major blemishes on the skin. It makes sense if your model has a bunch of blemishes and you have a blemish removal product you are promoting but outside of that any small details you can improve the quality of your product, do it.

Side Note For Models

If you are a model or have been recruited to model for a company or photographer, here is a short list of tips on what to do to be the best:


Have a good attitude- It’s more than annoying to deal with pettiness in a high stress environment. Make life easy for those that you work with and have a good attitude as well as an open mind. Remember as a model, you are your own brand and company, treat yourself in a professional manner through proper etiquette. Also, have fun!


Bring makeup- We understand you want to be prepared and have makeup already on you. Sometimes photo shoots will have stylists on location as well as makeup pallets available to match your skin but be prepared yourself, bring at least some foundation so that if you accidentally touch yourself or start getting sweaty you have some makeup to cover yourself. This goes for you too, fellas!


Have Options- If a photographer doesn’t seem to have their stuff together and is being indecisive, bring some comfort to the situation by having options of locations, attire and make up. If a company wants you to bring some black pants, bring all of your black pants. It’s just a better situation to have too many options than no options at all.

Do a quick cleanliness check- One of the worst experiences we’ve had when working with models is when they show up late, smell like they just woke up and if hair is involved they aren’t prepared. Do yourself a favor and come showered, shaven (unless they want you hairy) and smelling like a million bucks! The dividends of taking care of your body before a shoot is huge because you are leaving a lasting impression with the way you present yourself. So shower up!


Are you working on your first lifestyle shoot with a client? Congratulations, it’s a super exciting feeling and shooting with a model can be a lot of fun! Before you start your quest on creating content consider the model, what he or she is to wear, the location of the shoot and how you can use the model to communicate the brand image through visual components. Don’t be afraid to try any and every angle possible, changing the distance and height of your content as well as getting creative on how the product is being used. When you are in post production, find some consistency with editing and keep the model’s skin as natural as possible.

If you are a company and are using models to portray your brand’s message make sure the photographer and model you are working with has all of the information of your brand. Communicate how you want the model, what type of setting the model should be in and what you want your brand to communicate visually. All of these pieces of information put together can make a wonderful product for your brand marketing.

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