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H2 Digital has been around since 2015, starting out as a commercial photography service as well as a social media management platform. Since then we have become a full-fledged digital marketing firm and we wouldn’t be able to do it without those we’ve worked with. In celebration of previous and current clients, we wanted to share with you our list of the top 10 companies we’ve worked with and the reason we picked these companies might surprise you.

1. Beard King

Beard King, a cosmetic brand tailored towards men with grooming products and notorious for their Beard Bib, worked with us in the beginning of 2017. Originally we were supposed to create content for their social media platforms but quickly moved our services over to managing their social media as a whole. Our experience working with Beard King was pretty incredible.

At first, yes, we did start out creating commercial photography for their digital efforts, shooting all of their products. Beard King has beard lotions, oils, as well as small accessories like a credit card beard comb and their notorious beard bib, which is any woman’s dream to not have beard trimmings clog up the sink. After a few months we gained trust with the owners to allow them to hand over managing their social platforms.

At the time we were very young and still gaining experience and out of all honesty they were probably better equipped to run the social media. But through maturity in experience and some consulting from their owners they taught us a lot about how to utilize management platforms as well as overall brand preparation to communicate brand messages effectively.

Our favorite experience with Beard King was the ability to fly out to Austin, Texas to help promote their brand at the World Beard and Mustache Championships. The event itself had 20 different categories of beards, including women, and the overall experience was a blast. We highly recommend it if you are an agency or are looking into work in the marketing field to consider who you are working with because the relationships developed along the way are almost more important than the company you are working for itself.

Takeaway for marketers:

Learn about brand presentation as well as visual aesthetics. Having color congruency as well as branding knowledge makes your prospecting presentation more sound.

2. Hip and Bone

Hip and Bone is a company from Toronto, Canada, manufactured in Miami and are very notorious for their “hypebeast” style apparel. They have everything from white croc leather shoes to unique print shirts that any high luxury baller would appreciate. We worked with Hip and Bone on a collection release for their fall collection in 2016. They featured faux leather jackets as well as outfits for the everyday casual lifestyle apparel. What makes Hip and Bone unique is their team of fashion designers, almost guaranteeing to see something original with every piece.

Our favorite experience with Hip and Bone was being able to recruit and learn about utilizing models to communicate what the brand image represented. Fortunately for H2, we have had personal experience within the team in understanding how modeling agencies work as well as having personal connections with local agencies to maximize the potential of our collection series with Hip and Bone. 

What we learned with our experience in working with Hip and Bone is that it is super essential to find the right canvases to paint the perfect picture. It didn’t make sense for us to work with Hip and Bone if we didn’t have the resources of models to work with. Our takeaway from Hip and Bone is quality needs to be matched with quality, if you can’t deliver or execute what a client wants then you shouldn’t promise or guarantee results.

Takeaway for marketers:

Utilize models to communicate brand messages. If you don’t have immediate relationships with models that fit your client, turn to local modeling agencies or model directories online to accomplish your objective or campaign.

3. Bang Energy

Everyone and their mom knows about Bang Energy, and to this date probably one of the most popular brands we’ve ever worked with. Before they were bought out by Pepsi Cola in 2019, we were fortunate enough to work with them at the end of 2016. They were one of the first companies we worked with that was outside of the alternative industries we normally work with. At the time they had about 17 different social media accounts and were in dire need of assistance, enter H2 Digital to the Rescue!

If you don’t know about Bang Energy, which is surprising if you don’t, they are globally known for their energy drinks, originally a solution to those that spend a lot of time at the gym and wanted a social drink that also produced results and performance while working out. They have all sorts of tasty flavors like Cotton Candy and Champagne. It seems like every time we check in on Bang they are always coming out with a new flavor. Currently they compete with other energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy.

How our company was involved is we were hired to produce content for their social media and after talking with them for quite some time, they handed over their social profiles to allow us to promote their brand. At the time, they had VPX Sports Supplements as the umbrella company, having Redline Energy and Bang Energy as subsidiary brands. So naturally we had access to all of those products to develop on their digital platforms.

Even though working with such a massive company was an accomplishment we did have some issues that ultimately helped out our company. First thing that comes to mind is that VPX didn’t really have an overall brand message. Yes they are tailored towards the fitness industry but we both quickly realized they had a beast way bigger than that and it caused some conflicts with their brand image. As you can see now Bang Energy quickly became so popular not only for the fitness enthusiast but for the everyday worker. And at the time being less than a year into the game we didn’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the growth they were looking for.

The lesson we learned with Bang was that before working with any company make sure that you have the infrastructure to scale out with the growth of a company. And rightfully so, the quality of our work wasn’t as efficient as it is now and going through those growing pains with Bang ended up being a blessing as our overall offering and experience toward other clients vastly improved, and we are forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with them.

Takeaway for marketers:

Prepare for scalability not only for you as a company but for your client or else you will be replaced for a marketing company that’s more capable.

4. Purekana

Purekana is currently top 5 CBD companies in the industry and they have helped millions of people across the nation and probably globally with health and wellness. They are known for their high-quality terpenes and processing of their products. They have so many products it’s hard to keep up with honestly but we had the chance to work with them the year they started. 

Purekana was going through their original product design of their packaging as well as just figuring out order fulfillment when we started working with them. It was really cool to experience the internal growth with Purekana, having personal relationships with the owners, and seeing how they were effectively using the digital marketing space to build their business. They really did their due diligence as they grew up into a multi-million dollar company in less than a year. 

Our original involvement with Purekana was to run their social media, and we had the conversation of starting with them in 2016. As mentioned before they had just started and we believe they were still working out of their garage… Crazy!

We were hired to run their social media, producing content with their products to promote and establish a brand message to the average consumer. Our experience with Purekana was great, couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with. The owners were really laid back about everything, understanding the hustle to get a brand going and their success is validated through the grit and diligence of their work.

The reason why Purekana is on our top 10 list wasn’t because of our efforts working with them but having the ability to be along for the ride of their success. Yes, we were a part of them but the learning experience through actually watching a company go from “rags to riches” you can’t pay for. Along with watching the success that happened the owners were very open to sharing their experience as well as the decision making processes along the way. And if there’s something more valuable than money it has to be the wisdom that experience brings. Since then, our company has worked with 7 of the top 10 CBD companies and it largely has to do with our experience with Purekana.

Takeaway for marketers:

Don’t be above for your clients. They pay you for their services but the value in experience with seeing how a client’s company operates is valuable for your company in replicating a version of the success and sharing that value with future clients.

5. Vitaly

Vitaly, originally known as Vitaly Design, is hands down one of the “dopest” companies to be a part of. They are known for their minimalistic accessories having this sleek, concrete underground feel with the matte black rings, necklaces, gold bracelets and finger rings. If you are in your mid-20’s or simply appreciate having a Batman complex feeling to your fashion, Vitaly is the place to shop. They also have accessories for women too, and their products are amazing!

At the time, H2 was only producing commercial photography for companies and Vitaly was humble enough to bless us with the experience of working with them in 2015. We met with one of the owners and discussed producing content for their products to promote on our social pages as well as theirs. Vitaly was very prepared and put together with their media deck as a presentation of their core values and brand message. It helped us know exactly what they wanted us to produce and how to produce the content needed.

Even though our experience with Vitaly was short lived, because we only did one campaign for them, it was one of the most effective experiences we could go through as a company.

The reason why we chose Vitaly on our list was because of the presentation they had for us, as well as having super cool products (obviously). We’d say out of all of the clients we’ve worked with they were the most put together. We learned about brand presentation, influencer marketing and the importance of preparation for getting the right kind of content executed.

Takeaway for marketers:

When putting together a campaign, have a media deck prepared so you can communicate effectively towards the client or prospect.

6. Kraft

There’s not much to say as an introduction to Kraft, they have been a household name for most of our lives. By far Kraft is the oldest company we worked with as well as the biggest company in comparison to those that we’ve worked with. We started working with Kraft in 2019 and have been working on various campaigns with them ever since.

We were first approached by Kraft to help their product launch in the Dominican Republic with their new product called Kraft Punchers. It was a one-off of their famously known Capri Sun in the States that they wanted to make available in DR. Our job was to create lifestyle images, with families of Jamaican and Dominican descent, as well as a series of commercial photography for display at various events as well as their social media.

Kraft is on our list as top 10 because it was one of the first big companies we’ve worked with and the level of intensity that larger companies bring was one of our biggest learning curves we had to go through.

In larger scale companies you will experience multiple team members, a down-line of employees to communicate through and a harsh strictness that comes with those standards. It’s good to experience high standards because you get to test your capabilities as well as production value as a marketing company. To put into perspective we produced over 500 pieces of content in a 3 month period, only to get approval of 90 pieces of content to go back through and revise the content produced. If you are a marketer reading this article you can understand that the content we produced was an insane amount in a short period of time. But nonetheless Kraft has been faithful to H2 and we appreciate continually building upon our relationship with them.

Takeaway for marketers:

Allow yourself to be versatile and don’t stick with one vertical. You’d be surprised how transferable your skill set is to other industries as well as the capabilities of your production.

7. CBD Living Water

          CBD Living, also known as CBD Living Water, is a CBD brand located in San Diego, California, known for their nano-infused CBD Water and is currently one of the top 10 CBD brands voted among consumers to date. They have a wide range of products that are suitable for young adults as well as those in need of help with their chronic needs.

CBD Living Water was our very first CBD company we had ever worked with, in the beginning of 2016, and had the opportunity to manage their social media platforms. Our job was to create daily content and educate consumers on their product. At the time they only had CBD tinctures and their water but were quickly producing new products for consumers so we were always playing catch up. We worked with them for 2 years before their company grew too big for us to manage, internalizing their marketing team and unfortunately we weren’t a part of that process.

On a positive note, our overall experience with CBD Living was amazing. The owners of the company were very laid back and open to suggestions and gave us the freedom to try new marketing tactics to produce results for their brand. We even had the chance to meet them in person, in San Diego, at the annual Taco Festival!

The reason why we chose CBD Living on our top 10 list is because at the time CBD was so new as an industry as a whole that part of our job was simply doing research about the industry so we could communicate effectively to their consumer base.

Takeaway for marketers:

Do your research. Having a knowledge base for an industry and becoming an expert in knowledge as well as learning about the relatability towards the consumer of the product is vitaly essential to effective marketing.

8. Healthy Roots Hemp

Healthy Roots Hemp is a CBD company located in Vancouver, Washington, notorious for their high quality Root Butter and having high quality CBD that works effectively. They have all of the CBD products you could imagine from Tinctures to facial serums and even a whole pet line to help your little critter with their chronic needs.

We started working with Healthy Roots in the beginning of 2019 to help assist the owner with their social media efforts. At the time when we first started, they had little to know content, small brand direction and a huge loyalty base of consumers. Our company was responsible for updating their website, package design and digital sales strategy alongside social media marketing.

Our experience with Healthy Roots has been nothing but positive. From the owner to the overall workflow between us and them has been a great time. One of the reasons why Healthy Roots is on our list is because they are one of the first local companies that we’ve worked with, since we are located in Portland, Oregon. Also, Healthy Roots gave us complete control of brand direction and they are one of the first companies that we were able to combine all of our previous experience into one basket. And the results have been amazing ever since!

Takeaway for marketers:

Don’t forget about local companies, they can be your loyal friends. Just because popular demand is outside of your city doesn’t mean there isn’t a gem of a company to work with.

9. Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is one of the biggest vape companies in the industry. They are known for their unique flavors as well as helping thousands of AA members with their recovery. They have become popular in the CBD industry as well, with their Pachamama CBD brand. We’ve worked with Charlie’s Chalk Dust off and on since 2017, from running their social media campaigns to helping recruit their social media influencers.

Our connection with Charlie’s Chalk Dust originally started with meeting their owners to discuss new products they were releasing and how we could utilize our services to help with their social outreach. At the time it was for their one-off brand Mr.Meringue but quickly turned into all of their brands Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Campfire Juice and Bake E-liquids. One of the reasons they made it on the list was it was also one of our very first brands we managed social media for.

We learned about planning content for social media, creating an aesthetic visually for each of the brands as well as growth strategies for social media campaigns. The experience was very eye-opening and we also had to adjust to Instagram’s algorithm change, which affected most e-commerce brands to become stronger brand presences through social platforms.

Takeaway for marketers:

Be flexible and adjust. Marketing changes on the daily and if you aren’t ready to pivot you might as well consider yourself left in the dust.

10. Dr. Vapes

Dr. Vapes is a very popular vape company located in London, United Kingdom. They are popular for their hip branding as well as an urban feel that any young adult would naturally draw to. They have popular flavors like Dat Blue Stuff as well as their popular flavor profile series Pink Panther.

Dr. Vapes was our first client in the UK that we had worked with and were originally hired to create content for their social platforms but quickly progressed to managing their social media in 2016. We learned a lot about the European market while working with them and quickly realized time zone effectiveness is important when relating to the consumer. We also learned that international shipping is difficult but that will have to be for another article.

The reason why Dr. Vapes is on our top 10 companies list is because they were one of the first and probably only companies to think innovatively about marketing tactics. Each of their products have food coloring in them, to match their labeling design and they are the only company to our knowledge to use music in the vape industry to promote their brand. We obviously weren’t responsible for their decision making or execution to make music videos and produce music for them but the fact that they thought outside of the box quickly became a top 10 for us.

Takeaway for marketers:

International companies are available. If you have the bandwidth and industry knowledge there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider working with an international brand.

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