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CBD for Erectile Dysfunction: Get up and Get Your Motor Revving
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CBD for Erectile Dysfunction: Get up and Get Your Motor Revving

One of the most challenging aspects of building a cannabis / CBD brand online is driving traffic to your website.  Our clients usually find their way to us after learning just how difficult it is to advertise CBD online.   CBD business owners who are unfamiliar with navigating the difficult rules and regulations around CBD advertising find that SEO rich content is the best way to drive traffic.  

The biggest challenge to writing CBD blog posts is making sure that content is carefully worded and avoids any medical claims. The FDA rules around making medical claims is pretty clear: 

When identifying claims, advertisers should not focus just on individual phrases or statements, but rather should consider the ad as a whole, assessing the “net impression” conveyed by all elements of the ad, including the text, product name, and depictions. When an ad lends itself to more than one reasonable interpretation, the advertiser is responsible for substantiating each interpretation. Copy tests, or other evidence of how consumers actually interpret an ad, can be valuable. In many cases, however, the implications of the ad are clear enough to determine the existence of the claim by examining the ad alone, without extrinsic evidence.

Navigating the operation and success of a small business online is difficult enough without having to also be an expert in FDA regulations, SEO strategy and copywriting.  At H2 we work hand in hand with clients to develop original content that not only improves page rank and traffic, but speaks authentically to convert readers into customers.  Curious about how you can improve your online presence? Let’s do a quick audit of your site and content and talk about how our SEO Focused Content Creation Services can help you grow your brand online.

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